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Sash Windows London Guarantee

At Sash Windows your peace of mind is our priority. Our team of experts works closely with you to provide solutions that not only meet your specific needs, but more importantly, exceed your expectations, whilst ensuring that we give you a return on your investment for years to come.

Every one of our products comes with a 10 years Service Warranty, from sash-glazing, repairs, and restorations to drought-proofing and lots more

Terms and Conditions on Guarantees

The guarantees offered on Trade Timber Windows and Doors London finished products are based on the following T&C:

  • Trade Timber Windows and Doors London shall not be liable in respect of the Good defects arising from wear and tear, negligence to follow instructions supplied to you in relation to the Goods, defective building work, misuse, alterations, or repair of the Goods without prior approval.
  • The products have been carried, installed, maintained, stored in accordance with our indications.
  • The finished painting did not fail due to poor maintenance of the building, or by the building`s inadequate design.
  • Sash Windows London Products have not been altered prior to installation or after installation.
  • The product has not been exposed to dirt and debris resulting in excessive damp on ingress growth.
  • On delivery, during site storage, or while carrying the installation, the site was adequately ventilated to balance moisture.
  • The Painting has not been exposed to excessive heat or pollutants.
  • The Painting has not been subjected to scratches or cleaning agents unfit for timber maintenance.
  • The product is fit for its intended use.
  • Ace Sash Windows London maintenance guidelines have been observed & followed and carried in accordance with the Care and Maintenance Guide.
  • The products have been installed in the appropriate location and have been fully paid for on-time.
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“Thanks for our new sash windows – as you know from our original survey and email conversations, we were seriously impressed with the quality of your products and the overall finish and aesthetics of your designs. They are truly beautiful to look at and of a noticeably high standard.”

“Thanks again for the sash window super fast delivery. The window came on time and was packaged very well. I installed the window late Friday night in a little over an hour! Your company & instructions give this Non-pro Sash Window installer a great, confident feeling securing this window to my house. Thanks Again, I would recommend you (Sash Windows London) to anyone.”

“I am very happy with my new sash windows. They look fantastic. I would recommend Sash Windows London to all my friends and family.”

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Trade Timber Windows and Doors London has been offering installation and repair services for sash windows, casement windows, double glazing, and more in London. All of our products are of the highest quality, and our customer service is unrivaled. So if you are thinking about buying or need some advice on maintenance before you buy, simply fill out the form below or give us a call at any time to learn more or request a quote for FREE!.

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