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Sash Window Hardware and Accessories

Sash window hardware and accessories are used in the functioning and upkeep of a sash window. Trade Timber Windows and Doors London hardware and accessories allow you to easily maintain, update, secure or decorate your sash windows.

Whether you want to change the colour of your windows or you want to enhance their appearance through restoration or redecoration, we have the perfect sash window accessories for you.

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Our Range of Hardware and Accessories

Trade Timber Windows and Doors London is proud to offer a wide range of sash window hardware and accessories that will help you update your windows.

Vertical sliding

Our vertical sliding hardware is aesthetically pleasing, easy to use and robust. It’s handcrafted to protect homeowners from leakage, residue buildup, cracking, and more.


Ace Sash Window London offers a large variety of fasteners including clips, screws, anchors, and locks to secure multiple types of building materials and structures.

Timb-a-tilt hardware

Our timb-a-tilt has been designed to enable the production of our windows in a combination of vertical sliding and horizontal sliding formats. It can be configured to suit varying weights.

Spiral balance

Our unique spiral window balance hardware gives you a layer of toughness you can rely on. Featuring a layer of toughness that takes the knocks and scrapes, so your window stays in tip-top shape for months and years.


Aluminium hardware is the perfect choice for sash repair. It’s great if you want to open your window from both sides or are after handles that can be covered for added security.

Towel rings

Our range of towel rings accessories includes both traditional and contemporary styles with an impressive array of finishes to complement any bathroom.


Our ceramic accessories are designed to create an individual look and add a splash of colour. They combine good looks with great performance, especially in humid conditions.

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Our Range of Sash Window Cords and Chains

Sash window cords and chains are mechanisms that allow the user to open and close the sashes on a sash window. The cords and chains tend to be located at the bottom of a sash but they will often differ according to their age and design. We offer the following range of sash window cords and chains:

Brass Linked Sash Chain

If you‘re looking for a high quality, durable and affordable sash chain then look no further than our brass linked sash chain. Not only will it save you time and money but it is also designed to fit all types of sash windows.

Sash Cord No 4

Our sash cord no. 4 has been designed to provide a minimalist solution for businesses and individuals who require the use of sash cord to secure their double-hung or top hung windows.

Sash Cord No 5

Sash cord no 5 is an almost unbreakable sash cord for use with traditional sash window frames. When you need extra strength and reliability, stay strong with this solid brass sash cord that won’t break.

Nylon Pull Cord

Our smooth, nylon-coated pull cord is designed for easy window-raising with a tight, comfortable grip. This type of cord is ideal for vinyl, aluminium or wood windows. It’s made up of fibreglass strands encased in a shaping sleeve.

Antique Brass Linked Sash Chain

Our antique brass linked sash chain is made from solid brass, which will be a stylish option to give your home the old fashion look.

It can be easily installed with screws directly into the window frames or loose in the cavities of the sash windows themselves.

Stainless Steel Linked Sash Chain

No cord, no button, no problem. Our stainless steel linked sash chain offers an easy solution for multiple window applications. The new contemporary design allows the drapery or shade to open and close with ease.

Light Duty Riveted Sash Chain

A classic, timeless appearance that will never go out of style. Our light duty riveted sash chain is available in a multitude of lengths and finishes. There’s probably one that will work for your home!

Heavy Duty Riveted Sash Chain

This heavy-duty chain is a high quality, low-cost alternative to sash cord. Each heavy-duty riveted sash chain has been made from hot-dipped galvanised steel and then treated with a rust-preventing coating.

Sash Connectors (for Riveted Sash Chain)

For exceptionally tight spaces, try our sash connector (for riveted sash chain). Available in a selection of finishes that complement your sash chain and hardware, there is a Sash Connector to match your taste or project.

Weight Connectors (for Riveted Sash Chain)

Our weight connectors (for riveted sash chain) are manufactured from marine grade brass and zinc plated with a satin nickel finish. They are made to fit a riveted sash chain and plated sash cord. They allow the weight of the window to be easily adjusted.

Our Sash Window Fasteners

Sash window fasteners are one of the most underappreciated components of a traditional window. Sash Window Fasteners help hold your window in place, drastically reducing the likelihood of damage from either weather or even household pets.

Our sash window fasteners work by holding the two parts (known as stiles) of a wooden sash together when the panes of glass are removed.

This allows the window to be transported extremely safely and securely without worrying about slipping out of the opening or falling to the floor.

Sash Window Handles and Lifts

Sash windows are a traditional type of glazed window where the movement of sashes containing glass is controlled by a handle, enabling opening and closing of the panes.

Handles extend through the window casings to enable operation from the inside or outside of your home. They are used for ventilation, light, privacy and security.

We have a range of window sash handles and aluminium window sash lifts to suit both traditional or contemporary windows. Whether you are looking for an interior, exterior or ground floor window handle, in a single or double action mechanism we stock the perfect one for you.

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Our Range of Sash Window Pulleys

Ace Sash Windows London carries hundreds of hardware items and accessories, including sash window pulleys. With a complete selection of sash window pulley styles and finishes, we are your one-stop shop for all the sash windows hardware items you need.


1 3/4″/44mm Wheel Sash Pulleys

Our 1 3/4″/44mm wheel sash pulleys offer a unique patented way to operate your sash windows smoothly without the instructions getting in the way of a smooth operation.


2″/50mm Wheel Sash Pulleys

Our 2″/50mm Wheel Sash Pulleys are designed for easy gliding on double-hung windows. The wheel provides smooth operation. Available in a variety of finishes.

2 1/4″/57mm Wheel Sash Pulleys

Our 2 1/4″/57mm wheel sash pulleys are a simple solution for adjusting an operable opening to make it functional.

Brass & Antique Brass Faced Pulleys

Our brass & antique brass faced pulleys are a nice addition to any window and can be used with all of our double-hung, sash, casement and awning window products.

Satin Chrome & Chrome Pulleys

Whether you’re fixing your sash windows to the frame or just adding a decorative touch, our satin chrome & chrome pulleys will fit your style preferences.

Satin Nickel Pulleys

Designed with style and built to last, our Satin Nickel pulls are a great way to add personality and fun to any interior door space while still fitting into your décor.

Sash Pulley Nylon Roller

Sash pulley nylon roller is a durable piece of hardware made from solid brass. This pulley has a layer of toughness that helps it last longer.

Steel & White Pulleys

Our range of sash window pulleys, in steel and white, will help improve your home’s overall aesthetic while also providing the practicality you need.

Matt Black Pulleys

Designed for use with sash window lift systems, our Matt Black Pulleys include set screws to prevent slippage at any time during normal use.

Window Sash Axle Pulley and Wheel

Our prime line of window sash axle pulleys and wheels make it possible for you to open up your windows with just one finger.

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Our Range of Draught Proof Covers

Draught-proof covers are essential to enhancing the energy efficiency of your home.

Our range of draught-proof covers will work to prevent draughts from entering your home. With a variety of colours and styles, there is a cover to suit every house and style. Our draught-proof cover comes in two options: standard and custom made.

Standard covers

Stay warm and dry all winter long with a standard cover from Trade Timber Windows and Doors London. Our standard draught-proof cover has been specifically designed to fit our products and suitably provides effective temperature control.

Custom covers

Our custom covers come in a wide range of sizes to fit your property and your budget. They can handle all kinds of extreme weather, including snow and rain, as well as handling the weight of heavy-duty construction equipment.

Our Range of Sash Window Stops

Add the finishing touch to your windows with decorative sash window stops at Trade Timber Windows and Doors London. These window stops provide the ability to lock your sash in place. They can also be safety locks to prevent the lower sash from falling outwards. Our range of sash window stops include:

24C Pivot Bar

The 24C pivot bar window stop can also be used to add character to your windows, where you can use it with exotic coloured glass panels to create a truly unique design!

Acorn Sash Stop with Chain

Acorn sash stop with a chain is a window balance for sashes. It secures the sash when closed and prevents it from being opened accidentally.

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High-quality service

Our goal is to make your sash windows look the part and perform for you in the future. We manufacture our own hardware and accessories to the highest standards you would expect from a global brand.

Excellent customer service

With a friendly and knowledgeable staff, we are committed to making your shopping experience as smooth as possible. We make it easy for you to purchase the window hardware you need, product availability on request and support you throughout the process. Calls us today on 020 452 51669!

Superior craftsmanship

Our skilled craftsmen are experienced in the most accurate methods of creating hardware with great attention to detail and quality craftsmanship. This means you’re getting hardware that is unique and that will last a lifetime.

10 Year Guarantee

All our products are covered by a 10-year guarantee against manufacturer defects. With a 10 year guarantee on our products, you can rest assured that you are receiving high-quality window hardware for your home or office.

Nationwide Coverage

We offer a bespoke service for customers requiring custom hardware, and we can create any special combination of finishes you may require to complement your home. Call us today on 020 452 51669!

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Are sash windows a good choice for my home?
Yes, they are. Sash windows require little or no maintenance and can last for over 100 years with little to no paint needed on the exterior. They are easy to clean from inside and out and provide an open view of your home – allowing natural daylight to illuminate your space while providing energy savings.
Is a sash a window accessory?
The sash is a component of the window that helps to support the glass pane in place. It is made of wood or aluminium.
What are the parts of a sash window called?
The parts of a sash are the window itself, the frame and the glazing. The window is the structure of the sash, the frame is the outside profile, and the glazing is what fits in between the window’s profile or through it.
How do you secure open sash windows?
You can secure an open sash window with either a sash lock or counterbalance.

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