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Are These Noises Giving You Sleepless Nights?


  • Street Noise
  • Aircraft Noise
  • Traffic Noise
  • Noisy Neighbours

Come Home to Total Silence

Sleep easier with Aces Sash Windows London soundproofing solutions. We can dampen the noise from outside your home, so you can enjoy more peace, quiet and comfort than ever before. Our soundproofing products have been specifically designed to reduce and eliminate the harmful noise coming into your home. Whether it’s car or aeroplane traffic, neighbour’s parties, noisy kids next door or just plain noisy neighbours.

Take Your Home From Noisy to Silent Without Sacrificing Style

Respite from the outside world is now possible in your own home with Trade Timber Windows and Doors London soundproofing. Our sash windows soundproofing solutions are the ideal solution for those looking for insulation from the elements and sound while preserving a classic design. Whether you are being distracted by noisy neighbours, traffic or aircraft noise, we can help keep your home quieter.

Our Sash Windows Soundproofing Solutions


Acoustic Draught Seals

Draught seals from Trade Timber Windows and Doors London are one of the most effective solutions for reducing draughts, air movement and subsequent noise. This type of external draft-proofing works by filling voids around a window’s security bars and lock, with an acoustically sealed material that is designed to stop unwanted noise.

Triple Glazing

Enjoy a quieter lifestyle with triple glazed sash windows. Get rid of the noise and enjoy a better night’s sleep, while reducing your heating bills. In addition to excellent noise reduction, the low u-values of these windows will also help to keep your home warmer in winter, making them a great investment.

Secondary Glazing

Get some peace and quiet no matter how loud things get with secondary glazing. We create noise-reducing secondary glazing that can reduce external noise pollution by up to 80% which is 54dB, making a vast difference. With improvements in technology, we are able to improve the acoustic performance of secondary glazing by a huge margin.

Acoustic Glass

Acoustic glass mainly reduces noise levels from outside the home and improves aesthetics. Acoustic glass works by absorbing sound and vibration with a layer of air between its two layers of glass. This glass is also much stronger than normal glass, making it less likely to get damaged in a break-in. With our acoustic glass, you will have the confidence of knowing that your windows are fortified with effective, sound insulation to help guard against the high levels of noise pollution in today’s world.

Sash Windows Replacement

We replace your sash windows with bespoke high-performance noise reduction sash windows. Using this approach for noise control, the original appearance of the historic windows can be maintained within a cost-effective balanced design.

Bespoke Sash Designs

Sash windows do not seal fully and can allow a good deal of noise – especially if they are single glazed. Aces Sash Windows London offers the very best in bespoke sash designs, which will reduce noise by up to 70%.

Our Guarantee

  • Unrivalled Expertise in Door & Window Glazing
  • Industry-approved Door & Window Glazing
  • High-quality Door & Window Glazing
  • Unbeatable Value for Money
  • 100% Safety and Satisfaction
  • Checkatrade Registered
  • Homepro Insured
  • CERTAS Guarantee

What Are the Benefits of Soundproofing Your Sash Windows?


Sound Sleep

You can rest easy with your new soundproof sash windows, knowing that you’re protecting your family’s best health while giving yourself and your family the quiet, relaxing night sleep you all deserve.

Lower Stress

Soundproofing your sash windows can help reduce stress in the home. Many people find that unwanted noise can trigger feelings of anger, frustration or anxiety. By blocking out the sounds of traffic, lawn equipment, loud neighbours and more, you can reduce these emotional effects of outside noise.

Increased Property Value

Soundproofing windows in your home can make a big difference to the value of your property. It is a great way to reduce noise in and around your property, making it an attractive place to live. If you live in an area with a lot of traffic noise, you may see a substantial return on your investment by soundproofing your sash windows.

Better Health

Reduced stress from quiet leads to increased productivity, greater focus, higher immune system function and better sleep—all of which lead to better health for you and your family.

Reduce Condensation

Sash windows soundproofing reduces condensation by improving the window’s R-Value. R-Value is an industry-standard measurement for determining a window’s thermal efficiency. The higher the R-Value, the more resistant your windows are to air infiltration.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Stay cosy while reducing your home’s heating and cooling expenses. Soundproofing your sash windows is an easy, affordable way to improve comfort and cut costs.

Increased Privacy

You enjoy increased privacy in your home with windows soundproofing. It’s cost-effective and doesn’t sacrifice the views you crave, all while reducing outside noise so you can enjoy total peace and quiet at home.

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Our 4-Step Soundproofing Process


Soundproofing can be a tricky and expensive process. Our unique 4-step soundproofing process makes it easy to get better results with lower costs.

Step 1: Initial Consultation

To help you achieve the quality of soundproofing and reduction you want, Trade Timber Windows and Doors London has a team with industry-leading knowledge who can talk you through your best options. We will send you qualified specialists in all types of sash windows. At Ace Sash Windows London, we are sympathetic to you and will work with you to create the best possible solution for your home.

Step 2: Noise Analysis

Trade Timber Windows and Doors London uses a top-of-the-range noise analyser to measure the noise levels in your home. The noise levels shown on the report will help us decide how much soundproofing treatment you might need.

Step 3: Solutions Recommendation

We have a wealth of knowledge from experience to best help guide your decision-making process towards the best solution. We won’t make a recommendation until we’re absolutely sure it’s right for you. Our transparent approach has won us the trust and respect of thousands of customers who can personally vouch for how we work.

Step 4: Installation

The installation process is extremely professional. It is important to note that all the work will be carried out by a qualified and experienced team. We’ll combine top quality workmanship with expert knowledge to deliver exactly what you need.

We will ensure that your windows have better acoustic performance than before. We do this by changing the glazing, not the frame, and keeping structural integrity in mind at all times.

Our Quality & Satisfaction Guarantee


Our window installation specialists are committed to the outstanding customer service that we are known for throughout London. Property owners can take comfort in the fact that our installers really do care about their work; they want you to be 100% happy with our workmanship.


Why Choose Us


Innovative Solutions

Trade Timber Windows and Doors London is a unique company with a small team of expert craftsmen whose job it is to find innovative solutions to your noise issues.

Quality and Sustainability

Trade Timber Windows and Doors London value quality and sustainability above all else, therefore we tailor our services to suit you as an individual property owner, manager or tenant.

Passionate Team

We are passionate about what we do. We share our expertise with the industry and our clients, raise awareness of the impacts noise can have on people’s health and wellbeing and get involved in local community campaigns.

Wealth of Experience

Trade Timber Windows and Doors London is a family run business that has been in operation for many years. With a wealth of experience, we are committed to providing fast and efficient service at an affordable price.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We aim to retain customer satisfaction by providing our customers with quality products, excellent workmanship and the most cost-effective solutions to their requirements.

10 Years Guarantee

With decades of experience in the industry and thousands of successful projects undertaken, we’ll be happy to take you through the entire process – from design through to completion and beyond. We guarantee all our work and provide a 10-year guarantee on all products.

Say goodbye to the noise of the city and hello to a peaceful stay.


It’s time to say goodbye to noise. We will manufacture and install window products and accessories that can significantly reduce annoying outside sounds in your home. Our soundproofing solutions are designed to block out the squeal of the subway train, the soft roar of traffic, and other unwanted sounds. Don’t let noise keep you up at night. If you cannot make up your mind on the sliding sash window that best suits your London property, we have got you covered. Get in touch with us and our experts will explore your options for you. Call 020 452 51669 to speak to someone today. Or click here to request a quote for your next project.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need planning permission for soundproofing sash Windows?

If you replace your sash windows with like-for-like replacements, then in most cases planning permission will not be required.

Can acoustic sash windows be installed in conservation areas?

Yes, they can. Acoustic sash windows are designed and manufactured to be as unobtrusive as possible. They come in a range of colours with subtle detailing for use within conservation areas.

Is it possible to retrofit acoustic glass in ordinary sash windows and double casement windows?

It is possible to retrofit acoustic glass in ordinary sash windows and double casement windows. The house that the windows are situated in can also have a soundproofing treatment applied such as the installation of an internal or external acoustic (usually fibre) batt within the wall space. When this has been completed, a layer of acoustic glass can then be applied to the surface area of the window itself.

Can I install acoustic glass in my sash windows?

Acoustic glazing can be installed in either single or double-hung sashes. Acoustic glass units are suitable for residential as well as commercial applications. Acoustic glass can be used in sash windows that are normally used to open.

Can you really hear the difference after soundproofing?

Yes, you can. We use modern technologies that acoustically dampen sound from the outside or inside and improve sound quality inside of your home after installing unique acoustic windows that help you achieve an unparalleled level of high performance and peace of mind.

How effective is acoustic glass?

Acoustic glass is more than twice as good. Acoustic glass reduces noise across the frequency spectrum at low frequencies (particularly unpleasant unwanted frequencies) and high frequencies. It’s the world-leading noise protection enhanced by double glazing.

How do you measure the effectiveness of acoustic glass?

A great way of measuring the effectiveness of acoustic glass and glazing at absorption is to calculate the R-value, it’s a universal unit of measurement that can be used to determine the effectiveness of a material in absorbing noise. Controlling sound is critical when it comes to designing and fitting acoustic glass and glazing systems; with the addition of mass in the glass system, you can achieve up to 75% sound reduction.



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