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Need sash windows in London? Ace Sash Windows London is one of London’s leading sash window companies, so whether you need a full refurbishment, new installation or just some repairs, we can provide you with the service you need. Our skilled window fitters and repair teams can work on timber sash windows, an aluminium door, or any particular sash window style you have in mind. Ace Sash Windows London offers you the service of an independent windows firm with an established reputation for quality and integrity. Our unique knowledge of sash windows means we have the expertise to provide practical solutions for your problems with draughts and noise. We also stock a wide range of products to complement your original property features.

We employ highly skilled craftsmen who specialise in designing and manufacturing all types of period pine and hardwood windows in a wide range of styles including bay, ovolo, casement, tilt and turn, box sash and many more. Call today on 020 452 51669 to speak to one of our sash window experts.

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  • We aren’t just an online shop front – our technical design expertise is second to none.

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What Are Sash Windows?

A sash window, also known as a box sash or vertical-lift sash window is a traditional style of window unlike the more modern casement or double hung window. It is one of the most popular types of windows around. They offer a level of flexibility that can be hard to beat when it comes to ease of use and manoeuvrability.

Sash windows can be made with various materials including wood, aluminium or UPVC.

Traditional Sash windows use a number of separate, moveable wooden or metal panels called sashes. Sash windows are the most common type of window in Victorian and Edwardian houses and many survived to be listed buildings. They work with the help of cord and weights which open, close, tilt and slide the sashes within the frame.

What Are the Benefits of Sash Windows?

Screens are unobtrusive

Ace Windows offers a range of timber sash windows, timber casement and aluminium hinges that come with a cleverly crafted sash window screen which does not obstruct the view.

Great Value

Sash windows offer great value in a traditional style. The style and construction of the window ensure there is a great degree of efficiency in terms of heat loss, draught proofing and reduction of condensation.

Suited to traditional home design

With traditional sash windows, you can almost be assured that nothing will be too much trouble, as they are so well-suited to the unique and varied needs of older properties.

Maximise airflow

Traditional timber sash windows use a centre ‘glazing’ system with side openable timber louvers. This contemporary yet classical system utilises the Venturi effect to maximise air flow. Sashes are traditionally made from wood and each window sash is held in place by cords running through the five slots in the timber rails.

Reduce heat loss

Windows can reduce your energy bill; they are arguably one of the most important features of a building. Sash windows are designed to provide great thermal efficiency, and there are many benefits to upgrading or replacing your windows with sash-style wooden bespoke from Ace Windows.

Can be cleaned from inside

Sash windows can be cleaned from the inside by removing the sashes and cleaning underneath. A 2-5mm grade sliding sash brush makes this job easy, removing any dirt which may have accumulated and leaving your beautiful sash windows sparkling clean.

Low-maintenance & easy-to-care

For most people, the upkeep of a sash window is no more difficult than that of your typical household door. Keeping the glazing clean, and occasionally applying a good quality timber preservative (for wood windows) is all you need to do.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Are sash windows aesthetically pleasing? With their ornate detailing, decorative glazing bars and traditional styling, the answer is a resounding ‘yes’. Indeed, there are few more attractive options for creating a beautiful feature in your home – or an eye-catching focal point from your garden.

Better security for your home

Sash windows have traditionally allowed a property to be secure and in control of its security. They have large, unobstructed glass panes which allow owners to see out and prevent others from looking in. There is no need to keep the antiquated slash-proof glass or bars on the inside on modern homes.

Our Range of Sash Windows

Sliding Sash Windows

Sliding Sash Windows can help you in many ways. They are a cost-effective way of having timber look windows in your modern property. Our sliding sash windows are crafted to the highest standard in the UK using traditional techniques and materials, from oak and hardwood.

Many people think sliding sash windows are out of date, but they could actually be a great choice for your period home.

Box Sash Windows

A box sash window is a traditional timber window with a bottom sliding sash which allows occupants to conserve heat during the winter months.

Our range of box sash windows are one of the most traditional styles and typical to the appearance of a period property. Feel free to get in touch with Ace Windows today to discuss your box sash window requirements, or obtain a quote.

Timber Sash Windows

Ace Windows installs top quality sash and timber windows for homes in London and the South East of England. Using modern manufacturing techniques, Ace Windows offer a stress-free substitute to traditional timber windows, with our hardwood alternative manufactured from European softwood, treated against rot and supplied unvarnished.

Casement Sash Windows

Casement sash windows, also known as French doors, are the most common type of sash window in use today. They open outward from where they are hung on hinges. These are usually low maintenance.

With the widest choice available on the market we are confident you will find a set of French Doors to suit your taste and style. Our French Doors are made from top quality materials, delivered by qualified fitters who are dedicated to providing you with an outstanding service. We offer the best quality products at affordable prices.

Heritage Sash Windows

Ace Windows are the largest manufacturer and installer of heritage sash windows in London. We offer a specialist glazing service and supply, install and repair period windows across the region.

Heritage sash windows retain 19th-century features, a traditional look and help to save energy. We have invented new methods of manufacture utilising traditional woodworking techniques specifically for heritage properties, using quality materials built to last.

Bespoke Sash Windows

Ace Windows Ltd offers a bespoke design service for turn-key projects.

Whether you require double glazing, lattice windows or even conservatory glass inserts, we will work with you to create an individual product in one of your most important assets: your home. And what better way to enjoy them than with your own customised window design!

New Sash Windows

Are you interested in energy-efficient, easy-to-use and good quality windows? Ace Windows offers a range of styles and colours made using hardwood, aluminium or uPVC.

Our Sash Window Styles

Edwardian Sash Windows

Edwardian sash windows are single hung, windows that slide horizontally. Often glazed with removable glass panes. Similar in appearance to a Victorian sash window.

However typically, Edwardian windows are lower in profile and come with double glazed panes giving greater insulation from external noise pollution. This makes them a popular choice for modern buildings that will be constructed in areas with busy traffic or airport proximity.

Traditional Sash Windows

Looking for an alternative secure windows company to back up your classic timber windows? Ace Windows are a specialised timber sash window manufacturer based in London. They manufacture, supply and fit traditional sash, sliding sash and edradour traditional windows, conservatories and orangeries.

We specialise in the installation and refurbishment of traditional sash windows and doors, with a wealth of experience in all aspects of window and door renovation.

Victorian Sash Windows

The Victorian sash window style is one of the most popular styles of timber window in the UK. The style includes features such as cross bars, weights and pulleys. They are also very energy efficient and durable.

Georgian Sash Windows

The Georgian sash window style is an iconic period design for double-hung windows and doors. The flat casement windows work in harmony with the sash, which they slide up and down. In this way, you can control light, moisture and temperature.

Our Sash Windows Accessories


Sash Chains are essential components to traditional timber windows, helping to open and close the vertical sliding ‘Cords’ that move the window.


Cords have been used for many years as essential sash window accessories. They reduce draughts and are often the factor that preserves the finish on your antique sash windows.


Weights are the little brass caps that can be fitted onto wooden sash windows. Wood is pretty efficient at keeping out drafts, but if it hasn’t been used for a while or the weather has changed you might want to consider putting some weight back in its place.


The sash window connectors are a system of fittings that can be used to connect the counterweighted moving parts. They play an important role in ensuring that your sash windows continue to function well over time.


Sash window balances are an important part of a traditional timber window. they regulate the lifting and lowering of sashes and are essential to ensuring the longevity of your investment in handcrafted, traditional windows.


Weatherstrippings sash window accessories are designed to prolong the service life of your sash windows. The name Weatherstrippings was derived from weather stripping, which is a vital protective coating around the windows and doors in homes across the UK.


Using horns as sash window accessories has many benefits. Horns are a beautiful addition to your windows that can help improve security and sturdiness. Horns are also a great way of adding originality and style to the look of your home.


Use a lift when sash windows don’t fit the hole. They have a long-lasting textured design, which means they won’t rot, fade or lose their colour in the rain. There are basically no maintenance costs involved with using them.


Sash window locks are the common name for the fasteners used to secure the sashes to each other and the frame of a Sash Window. Sash locks can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, metal and plastics.


Sash fasteners are used to keep the window (and the sash) in place. They secure the weights which operate the windows.


This simple but elegant device attaches to your existing sash, providing an adjustable gap to keep out drafts while you enjoy your beautiful windows in all weather.

Curtain Shutters

Curtain shutters are intended to exclude light as well as provide privacy. Shutters are used only where the intention is to block out all or most light and usually to give privacy.


Window handles are fitted for controlling as well as locking the window. Handles are available in a variety of shapes and materials, including brass, glass, nickel, iron and other metals.


Pulleys are integral to the Sash Chain and serve to raise and lower the Sashes. Pulleys usually come in twos, or a pair, and are mounted on the “head” or top rail of the casement window.


They are fitted to existing sash windows. They take the place of the old operating hardware and allow you to open and close your sashes with ease.

Brush piles

Brush piles sash window accessories are used for cleaning period timber sash windows, casement windows, timber doors, and period windows.


A sash window restrictor is either a strip of wood or plastic that is placed between the glass and the bottom of the sash to prevent them failing open under high wind pressure.


They’re a replacement for wooden sashes. If you have sash windows in your property then they could be an ideal replacement for traditional wooden sashes.

Limit Stops

Stops and Limit-Stops are the little pieces of (usually metal) that make your sash windows function. Often you don’t think about them, but having a broken or missing one can make a world of difference.

Trickle Vents

Trickle vents are sash window accessories designed to be installed into the meeting rails of your sash windows. They can also be used in conjunction with a thermal upgraded sash to further improve their overall energy efficiency.

Glazing Tapes

Glazing tapes are put in the joints of two or more adjacent sashes which are held together with diagonally placed tape which holds them firmly to stop air leaks. Some types of glazing tapes are made of metal, PTFE and acrylic.

Our Sash Windows Glazing Options

Double Glazing

Have you ever wished to have traditional sash windows with all the benefits and efficiency of modern glazing? Ace Windows can offer you traditional sash windows, but with double glazed glass, so you no longer compromise on style or performance.

We manufacture the casements and the sashes in our workshop, right here in Great Britain. From a small single opening window to a large multi paned bay we can provide high quality traditionally glazed wooden windows for the commercial or domestic market.

The team at Ace Windows have been installing timber and double-glazed sash windows for over 30 years. We believe in providing the best service possible and continually invest in training.

Triple Glazing

If you’re looking for triple glazed sash windows then look no further! Ace Windows can offer you traditional and modern replacement sash windows, crafted from superb quality materials. Get a FREE quote today.

First in the UK to deliver triple glazed sash windows with a technology called altair. All our products have been carefully handcrafted with a dedication to traditional values, which is why we offer a first class twenty-four-month guarantee on all our timber products. When you choose a window for your home you want it to be an elegant feature in the room, yet hardworking and practical as well.

Our Sash Windows Services in London

Sash Windows Installation

Ace Windows sash windows based in London specialises in sash window installation services at affordable prices.

Serving London, our company is the right choice for top-notch sash window services. We have been around since Yearxxx. With more than XX years of experience in the industry, we offer quick turnaround times and high-grade customer service to our clients across the country.

Sash Windows Replacement

Ace windows are sash replacement specialists in the repair and restoration of traditional timber windows in London.

Are you tired of draughty, drafty windows? If so, it may be time for a sash windows replacement. Contact Ace Windows today for an expert consultation.

Whether your issue is a broken window, draughts or air leakage, there’s just one person to talk to all the way through so that you get what you want and need as quickly as possible – a no-stress experience.

Sash Windows Draught Proofing

At Ace Windows we offer an innovative draught proofing service, that won’t intrude upon the character and style of your property. We also can supply and fit new sashes, which are a great way to make your windows more energy efficient.

We provide draught proofing services to ensure that the house is properly sealed from outside air infiltration (energy leaking), by installing a highly efficient sealing system in your property.

Sash Windows Sound-Proofing

Do you need sash windows soundproofing services? We create airtightness in your windows! We’re experts in the soundproofing of timber and UPVC sash windows.

Not all of us live in mansions with big windows, but we all need to block that sound and heat for better living. Ace Windows is the industry leader in noise mitigation for the sash market. We have years of experience in creating solutions for large and small jobs.

We’ve dealt with companies, multiple churches, beach houses, luxury apartments and federal government buildings. Call or click today to schedule your free energy audit and consultation: 020 452 51669.

Sash Windows Maintenance


Ace windows and doors make a perfect partner for your refurbishment project. As the UK’s market leader in refurbishing timber and UPVC windows using traditional methods, we can help keep you right, whatever the project.

Ace Windows are known experts in the sash window repair and refurbishment of all types of traditional timber windows across London and the UK.


Are you curious about your options for sash windows renovation services? Ace Windows offers full renovation service, with consultation from the preliminary concept to the final installation of all workmanship.

Ace Windows have over 15 years’ experience working on wooden sash windows, so we know just what to do when renovating them. For a free no-obligation quotation, call us now on 020 452 51669.

Why Choose Ace Sash Windows London for Your Sash Windows in London?

Competitively Priced

If you’re looking for innovative, bespoke sash window and conservatory installation, look no further than Ace Windows. Ace Windows, work with you to design a project that fits with your budget.

Our team of experts will design, manufacture and install your windows to generate the best possible thermal performance at a reasonable cost

Free Customer Quotation

If you’re looking for free customer quotations for sash windows, you’ve come to the right place.

Get Free survey and Free quotation by Window restoration specialists available throughout London, including replacement of broken sash cords and reglazing. We are happy to offer free quotes with no obligation.

Exceptional Customer Service

Ace Windows is one of the UK’s leading replacement window and door installers. We have over 25 years’ experience in the industry, and in that time, we have gained a strong reputation for exceptional craftsmanship and delivering to deadlines.

We offer a professional service from start to finish, and all of our staff are fully qualified and insured.

Product warranty

Are you looking for a product warranty for sash window installation?

We’ve got you covered! Ace Windows offers a comprehensive XX Year Guarantee on all our timber sash windows, and a XX Year Guarantee on UPVC. So if your windows or doors fail before the end of the warranty period due to manufacturing defects, Ace will repair or replace them for you.

Ongoing support

If you want to reap the environmental and financial benefits of your windows, it’s time to take action. Ace is committed to helping you reduce your energy bills while preserving the original character and beauty of your sash windows.

Fully accredited

Ace Windows and Doors is an accredited company for sash window installation with over XX years of experience. Get in touch with one of their staff members today: 020 452 51669.

Approved by Checkatrade and FENSA

If you’re looking for a reliable local Fensa certified company who can install quality period sash windows with minimal disruption, then look no further!

We only use the best materials and handle every installation with the highest attention to detail. For more information on how our window installation teams at Ace Windows can help transform your home, call us today on Phonexxx for your free, no obligation quote!

Our Guarantee

With over 35 years’ experience, Ace Windows are the leading sash window suppliers in London. Producing high quality traditional products without compromise, our range of customised installations have a 10-year guarantee.

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