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What are Georgian Sash Windows?


Georgian sash windows are a type of window in the UK that is made from two separate windows known as ‘sashes’. These are a great choice for homeowners because they have been around since the early 18th century and they can add a lot of class to your property. They are available in different designs and colours, but they all come with thin vertical pieces of wood known as ‘sashes’.

What are the Benefits of Georgian Sash Windows?


Top to bottom flexibility

Upgrading your Georgian window sash is so simple – thanks to our selection of flexible, easily maintained window sashes. The acoustic and thermal insulation properties of the Georgian Sash Window ensure top to bottom flexibility, which will completely transform the look and function of your property.

Energy efficiency

Georgian Sash windows are incredibly energy efficient. This means that you can keep your home cosy and warm in the winter, without having to spend a fortune on heating bills.


The security is one of the key benefits of sash windows in London. It is believed that a good Georgian sash window can resist a break-in for quite some time until a burglar arrives with a crowbar and starts forcing a window open. The glass used for Georgian sash window construction is thick enough to protect the home from burglars, as well as increase its lifetime.

Noise reduction

Sash windows can help shield you from distracting noise, whether it’s traffic moving about the street outside your home or even loud neighbours. With Georgian sash windows, you can close each window and block out unwanted noises, while still being able to enjoy the natural sounds of the outdoors. Odds are, you haven’t thought much about how noise can be a problem in your house, but if it has been an issue for you at some point during your home’s history, sash windows can be a viable solution to the problem.

Extremely durable

Durability is the most important feature of a great Sash Window. Selecting a window which will be around for many years to come, such as the Georgian Sash, is an ideal investment. There’s no use paying for something if it’s going to fall apart in a few years’ time, which is why we look for the highest quality materials when designing our products.

Good insulator

Georgian sash windows are beautiful, functional, and with the right maintenance, efficient and long-lasting. Sash windows are renowned as a very good insulator; they manage air flows to regulate warmth, ventilation, and privacy. Sash windows can be used to control glare from both natural light sources and artificial lights.

Unique style

When it comes to rejuvenating your home, Trade Timber Windows and Doors London is one of the most popular choices around. Not only do they give your home a unique look that can be appreciated by everyone, but they also provide you with exceptional benefits for years to come. Our unique style also makes sure that your home always looks its best without feeling out of place or old-fashioned.

Our Guarantee

  • Unrivalled Expertise in Door & Window Glazing
  • Industry-approved Door & Window Glazing
  • High-quality Door & Window Glazing
  • Unbeatable Value for Money
  • 100% Safety and Satisfaction
  • Checkatrade Registered
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  • CERTAS Guarantee

What Are the Features of Our Georgian Sash Windows?


Full perimeter draught proofing

Full perimeter draught-proofing is a simple but effective method of ensuring that your Georgian sash windows are as energy-efficient as possible.

Full design, supply and install service

There is no denying the fact that sash windows are too good to pass up, it’s the reason why we’ve made them our specialty. Be it refurbishment, new builds or replacement, we know how to build and install period Georgian sash windows that really stand out. Our team of experts has decades of experience in dealing with this type of work so you can be sure that what you get will be nothing short of perfection.

Energy Efficient

Our Georgian sash windows are one of the best options for conserving energy. Energy-efficient windows do an amazing job at keeping your home warm and reduce drafts and noise from the outside area.

airtight sealing system

If you already choose our Georgian sash windows, you can feel free to have a good night sleep. The triple air-tightness sealing system will make sure that the cold air in winter and the hot air in summer will not disturb your rest. You can also enjoy smooth airflow in spring and autumn, which is particularly pleasant.

Traditional profiles

Here at Trade Timber Windows and Doors London, we believe that our customers should have the best of the best when it comes to sash windows. That’s why our products are built with traditional profiles and designs, so you can be sure that you’re getting a beautiful set of windows that fit in seamlessly with your home.

Glazing bar sizes

Our Georgian sash windows glazing bars are available in various sizes to suit your needs. We also have a range of double-hung, sliding Georgian sash windows that we can provide you with.

Multi-layered timber options

The Georgian sash window is one of the most popular and traditional styles of windows in the UK. The design is simple and these windows feature multi-layered timber options. These windows are used mainly for decoration.

Factory-applied paint

A high-quality finish is vital to both the appearance and long-term durability of your Georgian sash windows. That’s why our sash windows receive a factory-applied Teknos paint finish, ensuring your sash won’t require repainting or excessive maintenance for 20 years or more!

Alternative low maintenance aluminium clad wood

Our beautiful aluminium clad window offers a new, innovative and modern way to minimise your maintenance costs whilst delivering both security and energy efficiency.

10/20-year warranty

Not only are we professional sash window installers, but our products also have an impressive 10/20 year guarantee to back them up. This ensures that you get the perfect product at a great price. All of this is possible since we take our customers’ needs into account. We want to ensure that they are fully satisfied with our work and service.

Our Georgian Window Design Characteristics


Classic proportions

At Trade Timber Windows and Doors London, we are specialists in the design and installation of quality Georgian sashes. We are confident that our company has what it takes to provide you with the finest classic window results in the area, with a range of trustworthy workmanship and professionalism.

Large sizes

Georgian sash windows are one of the most beautiful types of sash windows. They are large enough to let a lot of light into your home while still being easy to move up and down as they are just moved by hand. Georgian windows have some distinctive features which can often make them easy to spot, especially if you’ve seen one before.

Slim profile

For an impressive slim style, look no further than our Georgian sash windows. The slim profile of these unique windows effectively makes more use of space in any room or home.

Colour schemes for Georgian Sash Windows

  • Burgundy
  • Saga green
  • Blue-grey
  • Soft grey
  • Flat white
  • Eggshell blue
  • Light green

Why Choose Trade Timber Windows and Doors London Services?


Bespoke, hand-crafted timber sashes

Our bespoke, hand-crafted timber sashes are individually made to fit your Georgian home. Whether you want to bring valuable light into a dark room or simply provide more ventilation and security, we can design the right type of sash for you.

Constructed using the original style and design to fit your home

We are pleased to offer high-quality Georgian Sash Windows in London. Our Sash Windows have been constructed using the original style and design to fit your home perfectly. So if you are looking for a new Georgian sash window please come and talk to us as we can offer a professional service to suit all budgets.

Low maintenance and easy to look after

With low maintenance and easy to look after requirements, Georgian sash windows make the best choice for your home. They provide great value for money and as they are manufactured in the UK you can be sure of an excellent standard.

Reduce heat loss

With us, you can get a variety of new window types to reduce heat loss and ensure your home remains warm. We install Georgian sash windows for consistent ventilation and temperature.

Effective double-glazing – Multiple Options available

Trade Timber Windows and Doors London uses high-end double glazing units to ensure superior performance, durability, safety and noise reduction. We provide a variety of options for our interior double glazed sash window units that have been carefully selected by our experienced professionals to suit your residential or commercial space.

Many years of windows experience

Trade Timber Windows and Doors London has 25 years of industry experience. This means that we will handle the project in a way that no other vendor is capable of. Having the experience to deal with all possible problems on-site allows us to guarantee our customers 100% satisfaction with their windows service, which is an extra thing that you won’t find anywhere else.

Product warranty

The product warranty that is given to the customers is an essential part of the support and services that are provided by Trade Timber Windows and Doors London. The products are backed up by a guarantee to ensure that customers remain satisfied with their purchases. This offers more value and security to customers.

Fully draught-proofed

Draught proofing is essential for sash windows. Sashes with broken or worn cords will allow air to get in, which not only affects the look of your home but will also cause condensation and damp issues. Ensuring your windows are fully draught proofed will ensure that you are comfortable and save money on heating bills. Trade Timber Windows and Doors London gives their customers a lifetime guarantee against creating any draughts or gaps in their window frames during installation. Your home and energy bills will thank you later!

Competitively Priced

At Trade Timber Windows and Doors London, we’re confident to be one of the best sash window installers in London. We offer competitive prices for high-quality sash windows and you won’t be disappointed at all.

Fully accredited

Trade Timber Windows and Doors Sash Windows London are fully accredited and have a recognised track record of excellence. We work with several domestic and commercial clients, including listed buildings, to provide the highest standards of workmanship, while delivering luxurious sash windows.

Approved By Checkatrade and CERTAS

Trade Timber Windows and Doors London is proud to be a Checkatrade and CERTAS registered installation company, delivering high-quality, bespoke sash window products. Over the past decade, we have manufactured and installed thousands of sash windows across London.

Free Customer Quotation

Trade Timber Windows and Doors London offers a free, no-obligation quotation service where we will visit your property and assess the nature of your project. We will make sure you get the right advice on which sash windows to go with for your property and provide a competitive quote on any work required.

Sash Windows Guarantees and Warranties

Here at Trade Timber Windows and Doors London, we offer the most comprehensive guarantees and warranties on sash window restoration and repairs. We can offer a free consultation for your home or office in which you will be given the best advice on sash window repair services and replacements.

Call us now to have a professional look at your Georgian sash windows to ensure it is an original one.

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How Should You Care For Georgian Sash Windows?


Inspect for damage and wear as the seasons change

Georgian sash windows are both beautifying and practical additions to a building, but they constantly need care. Before the winter season arrives, consider inspecting your windows for defects or damage caused by wear and tear during the hot months.

Paintwork should be updated regularly

Georgian sash windows need constant attention so they stay in top condition. Anything from twice a year to every couple of years, your sash windows will need repainting. Trade Timber Windows and Doors London uses non-vinyl paints, which is far more durable than the more common vinyl paints.

Moving parts should remain free from dust and dirt

The moving parts should remain free from dust and dirt to ensure trouble-free operation. Is the sash too tight?

Stick to a routine of care

The external surfaces of your windows are susceptible to damage by the elements, which can cause rot, wood failure and other problems. Be sure that your windows are in good condition and free from rot, checking them at least twice a year. Remember to also inspect wooden sashes and glazings for rot and replace any rotten parts as soon as possible.

Take extreme caution when cleaning windows


The exterior of a Georgian sash window can be cleaned with soap and water. You should opt for non-abrasive products to clean the glass, which should then be kept clear of condensation to avoid smudging.


Frequently Asked Questions

Should I replace my existing new timber windows with Georgian sash windows?

Replacing your old timber windows with Georgian sash windows where possible is a very popular choice. Lots of people are making this decision as they want to bring some character and individuality into their homes, and don’t want the material used in their replacement window to let in lots of heat, meaning high energy bills.

How do I ensure that my Georgian sash windows keep working as they should?

Ensuring that your Georgian sash windows continue to work effectively could be as simple as maintaining a regular cleaning schedule. At Trade Timber Windows and Doors London, we can advise you on how to correctly look after your existing sash windows and whether refurbishment may be required in the future to ensure that they remain energy efficient. To find more about caring for your sash windows, get in touch with us.

How long do you take to install Georgian sash windows?

The team at Trade Timber Windows and Doors London take 5 hours to install Georgian sash windows. This includes the time needed for the surveyor to give advice, order parts and carry out the installation.


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